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The Pass It On Network was proud to "fly" its banner at ACAP's 10th anniversary conference in Fukuoka

A stirring welcome for the delegates at ACAP

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Moira Allan shares her meeting of a country and of ACAP

Indonesia fielded the biggest delegation at ACAP


Welcome to the Pass It On Network!

This is a place where innovative minds from around the world meet to explore, document, and spread creative insights that are shaping a new way of talking and a new way of being as we adapt to a longer life span.

How can we be useful to ourselves, to each other and to our communities?
How can we remain independent and self-sufficient?
How can we keep on learning?

Where are we going to live in the long term?
Who will care for us if and when necessary?

The needs are pressing, the challenges daunting.

We of the older generation have what it takes to help ourselves, each other and our communities. We need to identify and share the wisdom and other strengths that we’ve gained from experience. We are living the longevity revolution in real time. We are both the actors and the producers.

Join us on this fascinating voyage of discovery and creation. Everyone is involved. Contribute your insights, experience and ideas. Help shape the new role history is prompting us to write. Read more about the Pass It On Network.

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