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Community Support
Lifelong Learning
Positive Ageing
Work & Economic Security
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Welcome to the Pass It On Network!

A Global Exchange for Positive Ageing


Ageing - Community - Work - Learning


Our perceptions about ageing affect our health and quality of life as we grow old. Added longevity, new medical procedures, and assistive technologies have empowered positive aging. It’s important for us to see the potential and learn about the ways in which we can live better longer. We must combat pervasive ageism that focuses exclusively on needs and disabilities. Learn more...

Individual & Community Support

There’s no better way to gain personal support for positive aging than in a support group of people who are sharing their experience over time. And on a broader platform, there’s no better place to live than in communities that deliberately develop infrastructure that empowers the engagement, mobility, and security of older residents. Learn more...

Work & Economic Security

Whether paid or unpaid, meaningful work builds on personal strengths, offers a sense of purpose, and produces benefits for both the doer and the community. Throughout the world, however, ageism in the workplace is pervasive, even while the increasing threat of financial insecurity in old age is creating anxiety. Learn more...

Lifelong Learning

We are both teachers and learners all of our life, and there are now Third Age Universities and Lifelong Learning programs growing all over the world to foster peer-to-peer learning as well as traditional adult education. Learn more...

Blog Articles

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