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Jan Hively

What’s different about Pass It On Networkers?

– Posted in: Community Work

We are the ones we have been waiting for!! Let’s show how we can work together from around the world... Let’s create… The Pass It On Playbook In this time when economic uncertainty is spreading around the globe, the concern expressed most frequently by Pass It On Network subscribers is economic security. Even retirees with

Grandparents Climate Action Day

– Posted in: Community Learning

Throughout human history, elders have been leaders in focusing attention on the needs of future generations. Today, around the globe, shortsighted policies have resulted in climate change that is threatening the future of our livable planet. It’s time for elders around the world to call for new energy policies that will slash greenhouse gas emissions

The Encore Movement leads by example…

– Posted in: Articles Community

Back in 1960, U.S. President John F. Kennedy convened the first White House Conference on Aging with this challenge: “We’ve added years to life. Now it’s time to add life to those additional years!” A booming economy responded with a retirement living industry that supported “graying as playing.” From 1960 until now, another 15 years

Changing careers through the SHiFT Midternship Project

– Posted in: Work

Pass It On programs are helping people every day in many ways. Karen Greer of the SHIFT Midternship Project shared one of their success stories with Jan Hively. Nancy, age 55, lost her job as an Information Assistant in a local college during a workforce reduction process in 2011.  She decided to change careers based

Globally speaking, what do we have in common ?

– Posted in: Trends

The Pass It On Network is described as a « global exchange. »  Today, a reporter from Radio France Internationale, Alison Hird, asked me if I really believe that seniors around the world have enough in common to want to participate in an exchange.  She asked, « What’s worth it for seniors to want to talk and work