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Community Support
Lifelong Learning
Positive Ageing
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Lifelong Learning

We are both teachers and learners all of our life, and there are now Third Age Universities and Lifelong Learning programs growing all over the world to foster peer-to-peer learning as well as traditional adult education. Here, you will find links to a full range of teaching and learning programs that are conducted either face to face or through the Internet while responding to the particular needs and interests of older adults.


What issues or topics relevant to Lifelong Learning would you like to discuss with others?   There are a couple of Pass It On Network Liaisons who are interested in facilitating discussion on topics about Life Long Learning.  If you have an idea for a topic and some interest in joining a short-term Special Interest Group (SIG), please send an e-mail to Jan Hively at hivel001@ummn.edu.


If you are interested in adapting one of the below programs for use in your location, complete the online Program User Form.

If you have information about an innovative program, that you want to share, complete the online Program Submission Form or download and scan/email or mail to Moira if you prefer. (mailing information included at bottom of printed form)

Arts and Aging

Free, self-guided, online course for teaching artists interested in learning how to lead lifelong learning programs in the arts that engage older people as creators.
Boomers and Beyond

“Free Conference Call” is used to connect interdisciplinary professionals around the world who are interested in exploring together positive, creative, and “successful” aging.
Czech Travel Exchange
U3A Network

Two way exchanges between similarly motivated senior students from foreign countries belonging to the U3A.
@Digital Update

Workshops offer practical training in today’s digital skills from wi-fi and interactive points in public places, to leisure appliances, Skype, and smart phones.
littlefreelibraryLittle Free Libraries
Promoting literacy and the love of reading by building free book exchanges worldwide.
janingroupOlder Women’s Film Group
Watching and discussing films in a group setting, older women explore issues while forming new friendships
TV Studio “50+” in Russia

Volunteer pensioners become TV journalists and produce content for “Studio 50+”, a program that is on the air twice a month.
Volunteer Grannies Taught to Help Orphans and Children

Two month course in pedagogy and the psychology of “special children” provides a sound grounding for building confidence.


Projects & Organizations

U3A Online
A worldwide network based in Australia.  U3A Online is an independent and autonomous U3A.  U3A Online is the world-first virtual University of the Third Age delivering online learning via the Internet. All that’s needed to study online is access to a computer, tablet or other device with an Internet connection – and some basic computing skills.  U3A Online offers many other useful resources for older people, especially those who are geographically, physically or socially isolated.  Find out more about this partner network at https://www.u3aonline.org.au/


The Aging Brain
Gene Cohen, MD, PhD
The Aging Brain
A 3-minute You Tube video produced by U.S. News and World Report
Russell Foster: TED Talk

Why Do We Sleep?
The research on light perception hits home as we age — faced with fading vision, we also risk disrupted sleep cycles…
Jill Bolte Taylor: TED Talk

My Stroke of Insight
A blood vessel in Taylor’s brain exploded. She watched as her brain functions shut down: motion, speech, memory…