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Work & Economic Security

Work & Economic Security

Whether paid or unpaid, meaningful work builds on personal strengths, offers a sense of purpose, and produces benefits for both the doer and the community. Throughout the world, however, ageism in the workplace is pervasive, even while the increasing threat of financial insecurity in old age is creating anxiety. Here, you will find information about multiple routes to purposeful aging that generates good work and livelihood.

Work is much more than employment.  It is paid or unpaid productivity that benefits you or your family, your employer or your community.  It includes parenting and grandparenting, caring for yourself and others, creative expression, and teaching/learning.  Purposeful work contributes to healthy aging throughout life.  At Pass It On, we talk about the benefit of “Meaningful work, paid or unpaid, through the last breath.”  And we talk about LifeWork –  cultivating and honing your skills and interests through a lifelong pattern of meaningful work.  Here we show resources that expand work opportunities and LifeWork planning.

Economic security sufficient to cover basic needs is basic to positive aging.  Policies and programs to support both retirement and older workers seeking a livelihood are basic to economic security.


What issues or topics relevant to Work and/or Economic Security would you like to discuss with others?   There are a couple of Pass It On Network Liaisons  who are interested in facilitating discussion on topics about Work and Economic Security.  If you have an idea for a topic and some interest in joining a short-term Special Interest Group (SIG), please send an e-mail to Jan Hively at hivel001@ummn.edu.


If you are interested in adapting one of the below programs for use in your location, complete the online Program User Form.

If you have information about an innovative program, that you want to share, complete the online Program Submission Form or download and scan/email or mail to Moira if you prefer. (mailing information included at bottom of printed form)

COVE – Creating Your Own Volunteer Experience

COVE offers a process and a set of tools to help individuals align their interests and skills to the needs of mission-driven organizations and find meaningful and satisfying work opportunities.
Elderberry Start-Ups For Spirited Women

Provides a platform for meaningful exchange of knowledge, experience and wisdom between business elders (Elders) and entrepreneurial spirited women (Berries).
Encore Boston Network

Informal network of organizations and individuals advancing work with a social impact for people in midlife and beyond.
mens-shedsMen’s Sheds Association
United Kingdom

Workspaces where men (and women) make and mend things while meeting and sharing their experience, skills, and information.
Peer network dedicated to helping people during midlife (ages 45 – 70+) to navigate work/life transitions.
Transition Navigators

Trained peer mentors who help people who are trying to find meaningful work and community connections in the second half of life.

Projects & Organizations

Les Talents D’Alphonse, Paris.
Co-founders Thibault Bastin and Barthemly Gas, both young civil engineers have decided to build human bridges and their mission in life is to tap into the vast reserve of senior skills and enrich the lives of both the skilled seniors and younger learners. The association has two categories of members seniors and young people keen to acquire a wide range of skills from handwork and carpentry to computer skills and languages. This initiative earned a prize from the City of Paris.

The Longevity Economy: Generating Economic Growth and New Opportunities for Business.  Although focused on the economic impact of the growing population over 50 in the U.S., this report published in 2013 by Oxford Economics for AARP is useful for any country with a rapidly aging population. It shows how the shifting spending patterns of older adults provide employment for nearly 100 million Americans, boost charitable giving, and contribute over half of tax revenue. It also quantifies the paid and unpaid productivity of people who are working and volunteering longer. http://www.aarp.org/content/dam/aarp/home-and-family/personal-technology/2013-10/Longevity-Economy-Generating-New-Growth-AARP.pdf

Growing the European Longevity EconomyThis You Tube video shows an hour-long panel discussion about the “business of aging” convened by the Milken Institute in London in 2016, including Sarjbit Nahal, Bank of America; Jonathan Collie, author of “The Age of No Retirement;” Lynda Gratton, London Business School, co-author of “The 100-Year Life”; Baroness Sally Greengross, director of the International Longevity Center; and Jodi Holtzman, AARP. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=F8kjEQ1wVoA


Work With Purpose
Marc Freedman at the Avenidas Annual Breakfast

How John Gardner influenced Encore
Tells of his inspiration from John Gardner
Nora Hannah
Nora Hannah: Encore Solutions

Social Change at a very Organic Level
Creating societal change by putting your skills to work in socially meaningful ways.
Marc Freedman: Shaping the Future of the Encore Movement

Celebrating 5 purpose prize winners
Creative work at later juncture in life.
Betsy Werley
Betsy Werley: Encore Women

We want to make ourselves a force in the wider world
The Transition Network. Her story leaving corporate and into non profit.
Marc Freedman
Marc Freedman: An Encore for Baby Boomers

Marc Freedman, CEO of Civic Ventures teaches us retirement …
Dick Goldberg
Dick Goldberg: Encore Opportunities

An abundance of skills, an abundance of commitment
Skills and resources elders can bring to organizations.